The History Of The United States Constitution

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Hannan Julian
Mr. Thomson
September 27, 2014

September 26, 1787

My fellow citizens from the great state of Virginia,

I, Hannan Julian, have attended the Constitutional Convention of 1787 for our state. Our country has called for a replacement of the Articles of Confederation and created the United States Constitution. This is because our country in not united and each state has gone their own way as far as; trading, military and taxes. The Constitution will strengthen our federal government and impose taxes itself. The representatives, including myself, did not propose any plans or amend any plans, for we were most content with the outcome of the Convention on the topics of representation, slaves representation and taxation, and what should be done about slavery.

The first issue brought up was if the number of representatives should be based on equality or population for the House and Senate. As our state being the largest, we want both houses based on population, however states like Delaware with a very little population do not want both houses based on population. The Massachusetts Plan was a even compromise with the one house based on population with one representative per every 25,000 persons with no max and the other house with two representatives per state. New York proposed a plan than slaves are not counted for representation and it was defeated evenly. Shortly after, North Carolina proposed that slaves shall count as 2/3 of a person for representation and that was defeated 7-5. Finally the Pennsylvania Plan stated that 3/5 of a person for representation and no more than 5 representatives for slavery per state and it passed easily 9-3. The New York Plan II exclaimed that 3/5 of a slave was counted for taxation with excess slaves not counted for representation, were 2/5 counted for taxation. Of coarse our great stated of Virginia would like to have every slave counted for representation and have none counted for taxation, however only few other southern