The History Of Women

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Women have struggled for equality throughout history in regards to equality just like other subordinate groups have since the 1840’s known as the oppressed majority. (Schaeffer, 2013). Women were considered a minority for years being stereotyped as being just a homemaker providing for their husband and children. They were feminine and portrayed as being easy to fracture, not being able to provide or take care of themselves or their families; not having a say in any decisions or any part of their life, as the husband had all of the control over the finances and any type of decision making. They had to fight for increased wages, spousal support, property rights, child support, the right to vote, etc. (Gladstone, 2013). On old television shows you would see women in commercials clothed in dresses and they were always in a kitchen as the setting or cleaning something. Today that perspective is different.

Women today have come a long way from the way their gender or sex was seen by society in the past with the feminine movement and all of their leaders throughout the years. They have more rights than they ever had before working their way up to and beyond a man’s status in the workplace even though there are situations where their pay may not be the same as a man’s, but I see it improving. You see women in politics and running companies, which you would never have seen years ago. Women are no long seen as always being clothed in dresses and being in a kitchen and cleaning all of the time or even being portrayed as being weak is our prior society, as they can dress the way that they believe is appropriate for them to be and they have a mind of their own.
Homosexuality has been a feature of human culture since earliest history.The legal and social status of LGBTQ people varies greatly around the world dispite much progress for the GLBT community and women’s rights, there is still a long way to go. Many states have protections for GLBT people against discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation and in some places gender identity as well. Many states also have enacted hate crime laws on the basis or sexual orientation or gender identity. There is also a hate crime law at the federal level called the Matthew