The Hobbit and Bilbo Essay

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Book Report:
The Hobbit
The Hobbit is a book written by J.R.R. Tolkien, there were many different publishers and dates of publication, and they are: * George Allen and Unwin 1937- Great Britain. * Second Edition 1951- Great Britain. * Third Edition 1966- Great Britain. * Fourth Edition 1978- Great Britain. * Fifth Edition – Harper Collins Publishers (London, England) – (Edition that I am reading).
Plot: Bilbo, a simple hobbit is smoking his pipe when all of a sudden he is visited by an old acquaintance, Gandalf the Wizard. Gandalf asks Bilbo to go on a dangerous but exiting adventure with him. As hobbits don’t really go on adventures Bilbo was confused and asked Gandalf to come back the next day. The next day came and Bilbo heard a knock at his door, he thought it was Gandalf but 13 dwarves came one by one knocking at his door before Gandalf finally came to his doorstep. The dwarves started eating and speaking of their upcoming journey to the Lonely Mountains.
Long ago, there was a dragon named Smaug, he was an evil, blood drenching, and fire breathing scum of a dragon. One day Smaug chased away the dwarf’s forefathers from the Lonely Mountains, their King at that time was Thorin Oakenshields father. Thorin wanted to regain his father’s throne and all the wealthy possessions that lie in the mountain that Smaug had made a bed for. The dwarves and Gandalf want Bilbo to come along with them and to be their burglar, as Hobbits are known to be sneaky and very quiet when they have to. After some agreements on their upcoming adventure and a few captivating songs the dwarves leave for the night so they can get an early start. The next morning, Bilbo is woken up and hurried by Gandalf to join up with his fellow companions. They then begin their long and dangerous journey. Not long before they left Bilbo all of a sudden realised that he has never gone further from his home town of Hobbiton ever before. A few days later Gandalf disappears and does not come back for a while, this happens quite a few times throughout the book. Bilbo encountered a lot of danger, on one occasion he was faced with stealing from some trolls but was caught. This led to the rest of the group being captured.
Gandalf returned in time to rescue them and defeated the trolls. The group went along and travelled to a magical, peaceful and beautiful place called Rivendell. They stayed there for a while to freshen up the supplies. After meeting Elrond who is the head of Rivendell and retrieving a map to help them on their journey, they leave and enter the mountains. The group’s path is very hard and dangerous. One day when taking shelter in a cave, they are grabbed by Goblins, except for Gandalf who disappeared. In the Great Hall of the Goblins, Gandalf reappears and kills the chief Goblin and rescues the dwarves. The group flees but Bilbo drops and is knocked out into the darkness. When he woke up, Bilbo came across a magical ring and while trying to find a way out of this dark and dreadful cave, he comes across a creature named Gollum. After talking about riddles and if Gollum was going to eat Bilbo, Bilbo escapes by putting on the ring, as the ring makes the wearer invisible, and this is also how he got past all the goblins without being noticed.
After re-joining the group they encounter wolves and are forced to climb trees so they aren’t attacked. Fighting them wasn’t a choice as many goblins came afterwards. Giant eagles saw what was going on came and rescued the group. The eagles took the group to a dark forest named Mirkwood. There they stay with a man named Beorn who helps them by providing them with supplies. When they enter the forest they leave the ponies behind and Gandalf does not go along either. The forest is terrible. One day one dwarf falls into a stream that made him fall asleep which made the rest of the dwarves carry him through the forest. When nearing the end of their food and supplies they are attacked by giant