The Hobbit of Flores Essay

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The Hobbit of Flores
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The Hobbit of Flores

On Saturday September 6, 2005, archeologist found the partial skeletal remains of what they believed to be a child. The remains were small, 3’6”, and weighed about 66 pounds. Upon further study, they saw that the skull had all of its permanent teeth there for it had to be an adult, but most likely closer in relation to Homo erectus. At first they thought, given certain anatomical anomalies, that it was closer to African apes than modern humans. But upon further research, they discovered that this was not the case. They discovered several features in the "hobbit" brain that suggest neural reorganization despite the fact that it was small. During the next year they found the remains of 12 more “hobbits” in the same site that they had found the first one that has been nicknamed “The Hobbit of Flores”. They also found more of the rudimentary stone tools in the dig site, giving proof that they had at least some intelligence and ability to learn. I chose this topic, because history, all history, fascinates me. I love to learn were we came from. I believe it helps us as we make new choices and move forward, if we know where we came from. It’s important to learn how we got to where we are in our development if we are ever going to understand and achieve our full potential. I find it amazing at just how much
Information you can learn about a dead and forgotten time just by artifacts and evidence they may have left behind.
This topic relates to biodiversity because it shows how everything in nature changes and effects everything around it. One thing evolves in to another. It’s how we learn and grow and become better and stronger. Thus adding to