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Holocaust Imagine being threatened, persecuted, or even killed for making your own decisions. In 1933, Adolf Hitler, his German Reich and his Nazi party began a genocide movement which was aimed at Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and people with disabilities in Europe. The Nazi party would unfortunately send these people to concentration camps where they were gassed, starved, or even worked to death. By the end of this horrific movement in 1945, more than 10 million people had been killed. All of these deaths were not for nothing however, because we have learned how to be more tolerant towards different religions and races. Beginning in 1933 a genocide movement took place due to Nazi aggression. The allied powers were fighting against the axis powers in order to protect the Eastern European countries from the Nazis; however the Nazis still managed to invade Poland, Austria, Denmark, and much of Eastern Europe. However, the United States along with the rest of the allies fought bravely against Hitler’s army. The war successfully ended in an allied victory, making the United States a global superpower. The world has been drastically transformed due to the United States being strong and wealthy. One major way that the United States power has affected other countries is our choice of being a democratic government instead of a fascist or communist government. Our choice to promote democracy has influenced nations throughout the world, and has ensured the protection of basic human rights such as freedom of speech.
The end of the Holocaust left us with a lesson that you need to learn how to tolerate people even if you don’t agree with their beliefs. People from the holocaust would leave their literary works behind such as Anne Frank’s “Diary of Anne Frank.” Anne Frank’s diary was published and sold to millions of people around the world, educating many about the cruelty felt by the holocaust victims. The writings of these victims educates us about this dreadful event and helps to inform many people around the world. We are lucky to have holocaust survivors to share their thoughts of the holocaust, which many people appreciate and acknowledge, helping to change our world into a more accepting place
The world has changed a lot since 1933. It’s 2014, and people are