The Holocaust: A Short Story

Words: 2092
Pages: 9

Raids were a regular occurrence in this neighborhood, the sound of gunfire and whizz-boom of the Allied bombs echoing overhead. But they never found him, down in the cellar, away from the chaos of Nazis and their discoveries of hidden Jews. His nights were filled with the screams of Jews and the click-clack of the Gestapo’s shiny black boots. The only reason he was still alive was because of the Polish family that was hiding him under their house, in the secret bomb shelter. He knew that if the Nazi’s found out about him, the family would face execution under hanging or firing squad. A concentration camp would be too good for them. The Nazis would have their fun with them. As he sat there, hour after hour, with nothing to do, he felt the familiar pang(feeling) of hunger, and checked the watch they had left him. 5:00. …show more content…
“Liquidated? You mean everyone’s gone?!” “Everyone but purebred Germans.” They stared at each other. “What are we going to do?”, Alecksander said worriedly. This can’t be happening, he thought. They can’t be gone. There’s no place to go. We can’t survive here on our own. But despite his worries, he knew that to survive, they had to leave, in order to stay alive in the oppression of the Nazis. He took a deep breath, “We have to leave. We have to see what’s out there.” Filip smiled coldly, “I was just out there. It’s not good.” “I don’t care. We’ll starve down here if we don’t go.” Alecksander continued to press, saying every possible reason why they needed to go. “And,” he finished, “The Nazis are sure to come beack to raid it. They need every possible ration they can find. And they’re sure to check the cellar for more food.” Filip ran a hand through his hair, ”Alright, if that’s how it needs to