The Holocaust and Evil Adolf Hitler Essay

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Alexis Hornish
Mrs. Golden
English 10
8 October 2013
Remembering Evil Adolf Hitler was the charismatic, forceful leader of Germany who led his nation to a bloody ruin. His cruel deeds and evil ways are still remembered today. Growing up, he was a quiet sullen student and not a favorite of his teachers. He dropped out of high school to work on his life-long dream as an aspiring artist. Unfortunately, through all his hard work, he was declined entrance into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His anger growing strong, Hitler left Australia and enlisted in the sixteenth Bavarian Infantry Regiment. In doing so, he was able to take out his anger and use it as advantage during combat (“Adolf Hitler”). During these hard times when Hitler was elected leader, “He embarked on one of the most greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. Having espoused the nation of a racially pure (or Aryan) nation, he turned his hatred of Jews into a national policy of mass extermination through a series of death camps” (“Holocaust”). In doing so, Hitler created more destruction than ever thought possible. Jack is charismatic and inclined to leadership with a hint of evil by his side. In the book Lord of The Flies, Jack has many fits and signs of anger. The evil of the island seems to infect him more and more as the book goes on, changing his personality and the way he thinks in order to survive. “Out of his face stared two light blue eyes, frustrated now, and turning, or ready to turn, to anger” (Golding