The Holocaust In The Twentieth Century

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The Holocaust, an event to remember Over six million innocent adults and children, got killed or died of starvation during the Holocaust in 1939-1945. Hitler got elected chancellor of Germany and made a plan to wipe out mostly the Jewish race. The Holocaust was one of the most terrifying event in the 20th century. Hitler had come up with a plan. A plan to wipe out the Jewish race in Germany just because he didn't like them. Soon after, the German parliament passed a law giving the Nazi party power to make laws. Hitler was in contact with the Nazi party, he gave permission to start a campaign of violence towards the Jewish race along with Roma, black Germans, Jehovah's witnesses, and the physically and mentally disabled. The campaign …show more content…
A single person and or in groups hid or fought the Germans for months. The killings by Nazis increased within that period of time. Because of how many people the Nazis started killing they advanced to killing people by poisonous gases.On July 20th 1944 German military officers attempted to assassinate Hitler. Soon after U.S. troops liberated a concentration camp. "It's here, where absolute evil was perpetrated, that the will must resurface for a fraternal world, a world based on respect of man and his dignity" - Simone Veil (a Holocaust victim) the Soviet Union invaded the biggest concentration camp Auschwitz and liberated thousands of people even though most of them are ill and dying. U.S. Troops liberated the rest of the camps freeing over 7,000 survivors. The German troops surrendered that year to the allied forces of the west. Within 16 weeks Japan surrendered and World War Two ended. Adolf Hitler then committed suicide April 30th 1945. "Their is a place on earth that is a vast desolate wilderness, a place populated by the dead in their multitudes, a place where the living are dead, where only death, hate and pain exist"-Giuliana Tedeschi (a Holocaust