The Holocaust: The Central African Republic (CAR)

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Multitudes of people across the world recollect the devastating events of the Holocaust during World War II. However, not an abundance of people is acquainted with the current event taking place now. In a country known as The Central African Republic (CAR), thousands of people are dying. This event is known as genocide, the deliberate killing of an astronomically immense group of people. There are many kindred attributes between the holocaust and the CAR genocide.

To commence, the CAR is a landlocked country in Central Africa and stands as one of the poorest countries in the world. This crisis began when a group of Muslim rebels Séléka seized power from President François Bozizé. After this event, large amounts of Christian self-defense forces called the Anti-Balaka opposed the Séléka and instituted the targeting of all Muslims living in the country. Consequently, this civil war has caused a multifold of casualties, including the killing of four hundred thousand people (Ushmm).
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One of the similarities includes the rise of political power. As visually perceived in the Holocaust, Hitler, and his Nazi army rose to power in Germany. Hitler's famous goal was to exterminate all Jews (Wegner). As explicated before, Séléka seized power leading them to rise in the CAR. Similar to Hitler, Séléka also plans to eliminate an ethnic group the Christians; Anti-Balaka intends to eliminate all Muslims as well