The Holocaust: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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As I have noticed from learning about the Holocaust A big reason that people treat others so horribly is religion and belief. People don’t care about others when they don’t believe the same or don’t believe at all. During World War II Hitler annihilated jews because of the way the believed. Today it may not be that extreme but we do look at others differently when they aren’t the same as us. For example when we learned about brown eyes vs. blue eyes Mrs.Elliot wanted students to understand the word discrimination. Discrimination is a word that means the separation of others. Whether it be race,religion,social group or disability. In today’s society it’s not so much of skin color or religion, but social group and mainly disability. Being the age I am going to school I see people everyday treat others like they could treat a pile of rocks. Kids can’t help that they are born with disability and it’s not right for them to be treated horribly. They learn stories of bullying but for most it goes in one ear and out the other. …show more content…
Hitler may have killed thousands in awful,awful ways. But Anne believed that somewhere in that cold heart there was a place that was warm. It put Anne's father to shame for thinking the way he did about Hitler and the