The Horses Didn T Come Home By Pamela Rushby

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WW1, also known as the First World War, began when Britain and Germany went to war on
July 28 1914. The horrendous war lasted until November 11 1918 where there was a total of over 9 million soldiers dead and anoher 21 million soldiers wounded. The book
The Horses’
Didn’t Come Home by Pamela Rushby is about the WW1 on a young, innocent soldier’s perspective, named Harry. He was still a boy, no more than a man, who was fooled and dazzles by the handsomeness of the soldiers on their horses and uniforms, who came to visit them to buy horses. The was changed Harry emotionally and physically, as every other soldier who participated in the gruesome war. Harry was a young, innocent boy who was enchanted by the soldiers mounted on their beautiful horses, wearing their striking uniforms. After seeing the soldiers, Harry immediately joined and participated in the war illegally as he was only 16, a boy who is merely a man. In his mother’s and sister’s eyes he was still a boy but in his father’s eyes he was a son to be proud of as he joined to protect their country and home. Harry didn’t know the repercussions of his actions or of the war. He was merely dazzled and fooled by the pride of becoming a soldier and protecting his country. to him all of this was still a great big adventure; that was what made him so foolish and blind about the war. Clearly then, he was still young and foolish but admittedly, he grew and matured to become a man. He grew strong and capable as the training in the army was strenuous and repeated constantly. With every photo he sent home, he became less and less a boy and became more of a man. Harry’s eyes were also opened to the darkness of war. As friends and other soldiers died or came back wounded and scarred by the bloodshed and enormity of war. The war has clearly changed Harry’s perception on the world and his personality. Until then, he saw this as a great big adventure, but then he saw the truths and seriousness of war. Even though Harry has become mature and more like a man; in his mother’s eyes, he will always remain a boy. Still, the fact remains that Harry was too young to witness the atrocious war. As soldiers around him died or