The House On Mango Street Quote Analysis

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“The House on Mango Street” was written by Sandra Cisneros, in 1984. This book incorporate a variety of devices to create her intended stylistic purposes, and lead one story to another with a smooth transaction. The three techniques she emphasized the most in the book was imagery, metaphor, and simile. All together to create a characterization effect, and create a well-organized book by using these techniques.

Sandra Cisneros always start a chapter with a reveal of her setting/background, and as she counties. She flavor the story with different devices that works best in her current scenario. The three devices that she uses often to characterize things were imagery, metaphor, and simile. One example/quote showed her appropriate word choice to make the passage sound better, and set-up a good picture in your mind would be. “There a long time before your eyes notice a pair of gold glasses floating in the dark” (Cisneros pg.20). This quote was shown to support the usage of imagery in the book.
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This quote might seem like an ordinary metaphor, but it’s not. It is characterizing her very emotions and feelings in a way that readers could relate to. Which could deepen the flavors of her books, and make it more interesting.

This book incorporate a varieties of devices to create her intended stylistic purpose and to lead one story to another smoothly using narrative devices. Not only did she use her devices for a smooth transition, but she also use them to characterize her moments and emotions through her unique writing style. Cisneros is a write that could wrote stories with the incorporations of devices to make her moments and struggle relatable for readers. This is why characterization is the effect cisneros chose to use for her writing, and that how she can make emphasis on important moments of her