The House On Mango Street Research Paper

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Kaliyah Hollimon
Honors English 10
2 September 2016

Hopes and Dreams

In the book, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, the most dominant theme is hopes and dreams. Throughout this collection of vignettes, Esperanza hopes to soon move away from Mango Street and into a house of her own. Many characters dream of reuniting with loved ones or escaping the homes they currently live in to find somewhere better. The dream of owning a nice, beautiful house is first mentioned as a family dream. In the vignette, The House on Mango Street, it says: “They always told us that one day we would move into a house, a real house that would be ours for always so we wouldn't have to move each year. […] Our house would be white with trees around it, a great big yard and grass growing without a fence. This was the house Papa talked about when he held a lottery ticket and this was the house Mama
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This quote illustrates some of her thoughts, “Sally, do you sometimes wish you didn’t have to go home? Do you wish your feet would one day keep walking and take you far away from Mango Street, far away and maybe your feet would stop in front of a house, a nice one with flowers and big windows and steps for you to climb up two by two upstairs to where a room is waiting for you.[...] And you could laugh, Sally. You could go to sleep and wake up and never have to think who likes and doesn't like you. You could close your eyes and you wouldn't have to worry what people said because you never belonged here anyway and nobody could make you sad and nobody would think you're strange because you like to dream and dream. ”(Cisneros, 82). It seems as if she is also talking about herself in this vignette. This is the first time that she mentions a house that is not from what her parents envision as their dream house. It also shows that Esperanza feels like she and Sally never belonged on Mango