The Hoyts Essay

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First off I must say this video is true amazing and inspirational, showing anything is possible in this world even when we are told otherwise. Now Rick Hoyt was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which is like the doctor told Dick Hoyt his son would basically be a vegetable. Cerebral palsy diseases is caused by brain damage to an infant, in Rick’s case during the time of being in the womb and having his umbilical cord around his throat and had spasms. This also makes me think how easy it could have been for me to been like Rick because when I was born my umbilical cord was wrapped around my throat before birth. I feel lucky after watching this that I didn’t have anything happen to me but feel that he was not so lucky.
Now I believe every enduring issue is involved with this video and with the Hoyts’ life. First with “Nature – Nurture”, Dick becomes the loving father instantly caring and nurturing of Rick. Dick Hoyt gives Rick the life of a normal human being the best he can, by making his son a part of everyday things throughout his life. “Person – Situation” comes into play because anyone who watches this video and knows the story will now see Dick Hoyt as a true hero fighting back against a disease of his son’s, so he can live a better life than a vegetable life the doctors said Rick would live. Then there is also “Stability – Change” in this case Rick did not become the person he was born. This is true because he was not expected to be capable of learning with cerebral palsy disease but he did, Rick graduated from high school and college. He was capable to think, hear, and comprehend the world around him. This was not suppose to be possibly when he was born by doctors. Also Dick Hoyt had to change from himself from birth; yes he could have possibly been a loving, caring guy growing up. But the nurturing and love he showed now is beyond the level of many parents across the world. “Diversity – Universality”, Dick Hoyt like all fathers have a love for his child but he is different than most because of the amount of dedication he had to give up a lot of things in his life possibly just to make sure his son could live a normal life as close as possible. I do not think all dads would be willing to do this when told their son would live a vegetable life, not saying all fathers would give up right then but some possibly would. Then “Mind-Body” is involved in many ways here. The mind of Rick is different than most and was almost non-existent but he still had a capable mind to work his body and