The Human Experience Essay

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This photo shows off one of my most favorite places to be, Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine. I have been going to this place all of my life. First it was growing up and attending it with my parents, brothers, cousins, etc… I still visit with them from time to time there, but now it is more about making the memories with my immediate family. Spending time there with my husband and two sons is such a delight. We all cannot wait to get there, feel sad when it is time to go, but also can’t wait for that next adventure up to Greenville. The art work itself makes me think of emotions such as happiness, hopefulness, and love. I also think of values that I have either learned there or have become accustomed to in relation to the area; character, relationship/belonging, safety, empowerment, transformation, and dignity. Moosehead gives us such a sense of pleasure and relaxation. Everything described is what I see and feel form this picture. It is the peacefulness of the calm water, the colors and how they truly show the sun rising for a brand new day. Not just a day to have fun, but a day to remember.
I would have to say that the picture demonstrates my absolute compassion for being there with my family. It brings so much joy and delight to us that we have not found another place that makes us feel quite the same. We spend time there for a variety of reasons such as vacation, holidays, birthday, etc… This place is in our hearts and is simply a part of who we are. I absolutely…