The Human Resource Department Challenges And Facing The Complex Global Economy

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The main purpose of the article
One of the main responsibilities of the Human Resource department and any business is to recruit and sustain the work force of the company. This article discusses the challenges the Human resource department encounters while facing the complex global economy. Additionally, it will discuss the future of workers, the work itself and the changes that needs to be made to keep up with what is to come in the future such as changes in technology and society, so that they are well prepared for when these changes occur. The largest change within the work force for HRM to adjust to is over the past few centuries more women and culturally different people are entering the workforce. This change makes it difficult of standing legalities to stay in place, such as dress codes and codes of conducts. Additionally, the HRM is tasked with finding appropriate health insurance coverage for the entire company, what may have been ample coverage for a workforce full of men, may not be suitable for the new women who are now working within the company, considering men are not the human beings who are bearing children. Making sure that the workforce is diverse and there are statutes in place for those of whom decided to be racists, sexist and culturally sheltered will be reprimanded accordingly so that no member of the workforce feels uncomfortable in their place of work. Another aspect of HRM with the addition to women entering the workforce, if the implementation of sexual harassment policies, as it goes now many companies have hotlines for this these types of instances. It is the HRMs duties to ensure that violators of these policies are punished properly, suspension without pay as far as to go to lengths of termination to prove a point that that type of behavior will not be tolerated I nteh workplace no matter how good of an employee one is they need to know that no matter the quality of their performance they are not exempt from the rules. In a nut shell the HRM is responsible for ensuring the safety and emotional contentment of their employees while they are employed with the company. In any range from the employees not feeling comfortable due to an interaction with a coworker or even management, as well as if they feel underappreciated or over whelmed with their workflow, HRM is there to help figure out a solution to retain their employees as well as use these situation among others to attract new employees to the company.
The key questions being asked.
The key question being addressed in the article is how HRM is facing and dealing with the challenging changes that they are facing with society, technology, the workforce and the work itself. Whether their solution to these changes are implementing new codes of conduct, code of ethics, new information barrier policies, or updating their sexual harassment policies are all changes that the HRM is responsible for. In addition to this, they need to continue to make sure that their current codes are still up to par with industry standards. An example of this would be if said company handled confidential information and could face serious legal troubles in certain information was leaked to other customers by mistake by one of the account managers accidentally sending an email to the wrong person. It is imperative that all employees be trained on the information barriers policy and the consequences of breaching the policy. All staff members should take regular annual information barriers training to ensure that any updates or changes to the policy are passed along to the company as a whole. If a women enters an all-male workforce, such as an auto shop, machine shop or industry of that nature where they have never had a female in the workforce, all new policies will have to into place to ensure that the male employees do not make the female employee uncomfortable while she is working. This means that the HRM will need to go above and beyond to make sure