The Hummingbird Essay

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The Hummingbirds Hummingbird are very small, brightly colored American birds with a long narrow bill and narrow wings that move so rapidly they make humming sounds. Hummingbirds are very quick birds, their reproductive system, their migrating to another place for the winter, and how their feeders need to be cleaned out special way. First, the hummingbird normally lays two eggs the size of a small jellybean. The eggs hatch after about two weeks. The babies when hatched are no longer than a honey bee. After three or four weeks the young birds fly out of the nest. The mother follows them around and keeps feeding them until they can feed on their own. She feeds the babies small insects and nectar from flowers or trees. Second, hummingbirds live only in the North America, South America, and Caribbean Island. They spend the summer in North America and the winter in South America. To reach their summer home in the United States the hummingbirds have to cross the Gulf of Mexico. The trip is nonstop over five hundred miles of water. It takes them approximately twenty hours to fly the trip. Those not strong enough fall into the water and die. To keep from starving on their journey, they go on an eating binge for two weeks before leaving. By the time they reach land again, they will burn up almost half their body weight. Third, as the temperatures change, feeders should be cleaned and water changed at least two or three times a week. During cooler temperatures feeders should be…