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Title The Hunger Games.
Author Suzanne Collins Type Book Review Date 2/4/2012

The Hunger Games is a story about a group of districts in a nation that are controlled by an extremely wealthy elite group called The Capitol. The Capitol completely dominates over all districts and shows how powerful it is by demanding compulsory participation from all districts in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a reality show all about survival of the strongest. I think the theme throughout the Hunger Games is one of power and how the Hunger Games are used to keep people oppressed and controlled in the poorer districts. No one has control of their lives or is able to make choices for themselves. This I can relate to in our world where there are also countries that are ruled by dictators who do not give the lower classes the same rights as those who are of a more superior class. Power is used to maintain a position of strength at the sacrifice of the less fortunate and in this book the Hunger Games is used to stop the poorer districts rebelling. It is a show of force from the Capitol.

The Hunger Games rules state that each year two people are chosen randomly from each of the twelve districts, boy and a girl. They must take part in a terrifying reality TV show, called The Hunger Games. All twelve contestants must fight to the death until one person is left standing. That person and their district are rewarded with extra food and gifts. This is the way the Capitol uses its position to ensure control by removing any freedom of choice on who will compete. It strongly demonstrates how the use of power is used in the story. “The hunger Games.” Katniss tells us, “Became a way for the rulers in the Capitol to flex their big old muscles. The main purpose is to remind the Districts how weak they are.”

However one character demonstrates how she also has her own form of power. Katniss made me understand how people from less fortunate communities have to work so hard in order to survive due to their class or situation. Katniss had to survive against very unfair odds. Katniss is a girl in the story who is recognized for her courageous and rebellious acts. She uses all her cunning and fighting skills to survive. Her whole life is about self preservation, as she has a family to support. She comes from a very poor family who would starve if Katniss did not go out and hunt for them. Katniss is from one of the poorer districts but she doesn’t let the