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Journal #1 THE HUNGER GAMES Part – I “The Tributes”
While, I was reading through the Part – I “The Tributes” of Novel “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, my mind develops with an imaginary dystopian country called “Penam”, which will be reforming after uncertain distant of time in future, as an effect by some uncertain natural disasters in today’s place called “North America”. And pathetic conditioned people leaving in its twelve districts under the rule of utopian city called “Capitol” on power. The narrator “Katniss Everdeen” is a sixteen years old introvert typed girl from a district 12, who is backing her tri-family members as her mother has been hurdling through post trauma depression for the loss of her husband in a coal mining explosion.
The situation in the district 12 is very painful with inadequate basic needs. Starvation is the root cause of corruptions in hob, a black market in the district 12. The district 12 people certainly hate the Capitol and grab every opportunity to protest against them. Outing beyond the district’s protection force field fence is illegal. But the narrator spends her best moments beyond the fence in woods with her friend “Gale”, hunting, plans collecting, and being themselves on their own, reminds me my childhood days in Tibetan refugee school in India. We used to bunk the class and wander into woods beyond the school’s boundary, smoking cigarette and climbing upon the high branches of Oak Trees for the time pass. Sometimes we used to prepare dens for our pet street dogs. It was also a good place to finish our home works and to prepare for our examinations, because nobody will know about it. All we need to be careful is, to get rid of those unwanted eyes of discipline masters. Once if you are caught while engaging in this sort of miss conduct, then you will be the busiest boy in the school on next weekend for sure.
The reaping system is not far as the lottery paper coupons have mostly the names of all the kids of poor family, because “Tesserae” a worth for meager year’s supply for grains and oil for a person. It’s like food is being used to control the common people. The capitol also uses the nuclear energy to destroy a district. They also introduce the Hunger Games, the bloody sport as a special annual celebration. I think the author Suzanne Collins is predicting it as in coming future. But I know China is more or less same like the Capitol people