Essay on The Hunger Games Theme- Identity

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What makes your identity? Is it your past, your family, your hopes, dreams, fears? It is all that and more. Your identity makes up who you are. It is always growing and ever-changing. Your identity is what makes you human. Finding it can be a struggle, maintaining it can be even harder. Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games were two examples of finding and holding onto your identity. Katniss was the girl who had to grow up to fast. She had to learn how to provide for her family, to be strong. Katniss thought to do this she had to create a wall to hold back all the childish things that were apart her. She put on a mask to grow up but to also protect herself from those who would wish to abuse her innocence. The mask, the wall they kept her …show more content…
She would beat him for doing his work wrong leaving “the red weal that stood out on his cheekbone” (30). She did not believe that he could make it through the Hunger Games. Peeta lacked the love of a mother who could care for him and have faith in him. His two older brothers valued their own lives more than Peeta’s to volunteer for him, which was standard during reaping’s. His father had nothing against him but he was expected to work in the bakery with the family. Though Peeta and his family always had enough to eat, he lived his “life on stale bread, the hard, dry loaves that no one else wanted.”(310). Due to the impact his mother had on him Peeta never had much faith in himself. He didn’t believe in his talents or that he could survive the games.
Katniss’ bow was a very important part of her identity. It was the key to everything linked to her. Without her knowledge of the bow she would never have made the impact she did with the Gamemakers or in the arena. Learning how to use a bow helped shaped Katniss’ character. With it she learned how to be strong, how to be brave, and how to survive. In a way Katniss’ bow is her lifeline, connecting her to reality and to her father. Without her bow Katniss would have never been the person she was.
Peeta was a very talented young man. He had no interest in fighting but was very skilled at painting. He would use his art to create scene that look like real life. With his painting