The Hunt Essay

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Laurie Bain Rosenfield
February 24, 2014 As I wandered up to the front of Grandma’s old timbered house, I heard the singing of Grandma’s antique oak rocking chair. As I turned the corner, I observed my grandma, Barbara and my daughter, Brenda, rocking and giggling on the washed out wooden front porch. Brenda was wearing a pink lace chiffon Easter dress with embroidered white flowers, and Grandma had her favorite navy blue sweater on with her Sunday dress underneath. Grandma’s white hair glowed in the daylight like the fluff on a dandelion. Brenda’s sandy brown hair was silky and was caressing Grandma’s cheek as she rests her body upon Grandma’s lap. While I attended church with my sister, Cheryl and nephews, Todd and Timmy, it had been Grandma and Brenda’s mission to color the eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt. They had used food coloring, and I could still see the rainbow of colors that stained Grandma’s fragile fingernails. The colored eggs were all nestled in a ceramic bowl in the kitchen. When my sister and nephews went to change their clothes, Brenda and I snuck out of the house to hide the eggs. Grandma sat in the rocker watching; she laughed and shouted out suggestions where to hide the eggs. Let me tell you, it was the perfect day for an egg hunt; I could not have asked for better weather. The sky was calm with velvety white clouds which, if I stared long enough, formed into a rabbit with floppy ears. The spring breeze was gentle when it passed; I inhaled the aroma of Grandma’s lilac perfume and Brenda’s baby lotion which lingered in the air.
All of a sudden, the screen door on the front porch was flung open, and I heard the footsteps of the boys running and their loud screams of excitement through the door. They had changed out of their Sunday best and were ready for the egg hunt to begin. My oldest nephew, Todd, was so excited he was still pulling up his green and white basketball shorts as he stumbled through the door. Right behind him was little Timmy; he is like a bumper car at the carnival, bumping into the walls because his red polo shirt got stuck around the top of his head. Once they made their way outside, they calmed down and