The Ideal Is To Have A Satisfying And I High Paying Career Essay

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The ideal is to have a satisfying and I high paying career. However, most people have a job that is neither, if the only two choices are to have a job that is fulfilling or a job that pays well, the only and obvious choice is to have a job that pays well.
In Mick Harvey's Good Things in Life, the main character of the novel, Daniel Foreman's experience shows that it is more important to do work that brings satisfaction. Daniel had a job as a banker which paid very well. He was able to provide comfortably for his family through his income. One would think he had a perfect life but in fact he had the opposite. He despised his job so much because it required him to work terribly long hours a day. He never had time to spend with his family and his children barely saw him because he left home early and came back long after they were asleep and his marriage was basically in shambles. To make matters worse, the bank he was working at merged with another bank and they had to lay off some workers. Unfortunately, he was one of those people that they laid off. After that, he tried to get jobs elsewhere but he couldn't find any well-paying job. Eventually, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an art teacher and started teaching at the local elementary school. The job did not pay as much as his previous job but he loved it so much. It brought him so much joy and happiness and contentment (things money cannot buy). He was able to fix his marriage and have time for his kids as well. Daniel realized that it was more essential to do work that he finds fulfilling rather than one that pays well.
Working for something that someone finds fulfilling will give the person to have less stress from work than working for something that pays well. For an example, if a person does work at a place he doesn’t want to work at, but it’s working for the job apart from the fact that he is going to get more money. On the other hand, if a person works for something that he finds fulfilling. He knows why he is working for it, and he will feel happier about it. So it’s very important to feel comfortable about your job.
Working for something that someone finds fulfilling gives more chances to the person compared to a person who works for something that pays well. For example if a person likes doing something, he will get excited about it, which will boost up his capabilities and skills,…