Essay on the illegal centipede

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The Illegal Centipede You see them everyday. They blend into society like it is nobody’s business. Working under the table, you could work with one and maybe you are the one paying them. They are devouring America, one illegal at a time. It should be your business though, you should care, because in the long run, it is affecting you. So I propose a solution, all who enter the United States of America, for the “all American dream” life, ILLEGALLY, are punished. The punishment you ask? To be connected another illegal immigrant, one after another and to start our border we will call, the illegal centipede. Here is the thing, immigration is a good thing. It is such an amazing thought, to think people want to come live in America for a better life. Then we have a problem. People immigrate to America, they live here, they work here but they are not Americans. There is absolutely no positive effects from those immigrants coming to live here. They take jobs from Americans because they will work fro close to nothing and do not have to pay taxes on it. These free loaders get hurt and the hard working Americans have to pay their medical bills. Worst of all, if an illegal commits a crime in the United States, we even house them in our prisons. Must be nice to come into a country, and just have it so easy. That’s not the American dream. All Americans strive to achieve what they have and where there are, the reach their own American dream. My ideas are not so harsh, if you listen to my explanation. Everyone says, “people deserve a second chance.” Even though illegal immigrants did not take a second thought about coming to America, it is true, they deserve a chance, the innocent ones do. As I continued to ponder on my proposal, it dawned on me. What about the innocent immigrants? The ones that their parents brought them here for a better life, but they did not know what