The Illusion Of Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Topic: Ideas developed by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet about the idea that lust is often mistaken for love.
Present in everyday life is the wide-ranging concept of love. Each person identifies love in a different way as no experience of love is the exact equivalent to another. For some, love may materialize within days whereas others take numerous years. Despite this, there are innumerable scenarios when one may exhibit feelings of infatuation. But- they may be led to believe it is something with more depth, undeterred by the lack of pragmatic situation. William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet reveals that one may be under the illusion of love rather than merely experiencing lust as a result of naivety and appearances, in some cases leading to an unhealthy relationship as well as irrational decisions.
BODY ONE: Juliet announces her love on first night
William Shakespeare exhibits the concept that experiencing the illusion of love may lead one to make irrational and impulsive
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Romeo introduces this proposition by saying “The exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.” (2.1). This quote demonstrates the complete and utter devotion they have to each other despite the absence of a true relationship. The amount of commitment they promised to one another was incredibly irrational and negligent as they had just met and barely knew each other. This decision was based primarily on physical attributes as the pair was deficient of anything beyond. Upon glancing at each other they were simply intrigued as they viewed the other as someone appealing to the eye. This leads the reader to believe they were merely captivated by the idea of being affiliated with someone beautiful rather than a soul mate whom they would be alongside for the entirety of their