The Impact Of African American Perspectives

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Dear Friend,
Have you ever wondered about things from a different point of view? African Americans don’t look at everything like “white” people do. Perspectives are different for everyone when you are from a different race or ethnicity. I’m hoping by the end of this paper I can show you how African Americans look at things.
Throughout history African Americans haven’t always been treated as equal. For a long time, they were slaves for whites and did not have freedom of speech. African Americans didn’t have equal rights and weren’t allowed to do the same things that whites were allowed to do. Things were so different and African Americans weren’t allowed to go to the same schools as whites, they weren’t allowed drink out of the same fountains as whites and they weren’t allowed to eat at the same places as whites.
There have been many political issues throughout history. It used to be that blacks didn’t have the options to be equal. Throughout the years African Americans have been able to get certain laws changed to have rights. African Americans were finally able to get the law changed enough to where they could do everything whites could do and be equal. That’s not the only issues or concerns they have had though.
Cultural issues were huge too before things were changed. White Americans thought that the only thing African Americans were good for was slavery. Whites were concerned that if they shared anything such as schools, water fountains or even places to eat with us then they would catch something weird. Society was not open minded but when we finally were able to change laws they became a little more open and now we all can live in the same town and go to the same schools without problems.
Legislation played a big role in constraining race within prejudicial boundaries. Legislation made it legal for African Americans to be treated as slaves and not to have rights. As years went by and African Americans fought they were able to get legislation to listen to them and change things. Legislation made sure laws were followed and if a law was broken there were consequences. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white person and was put in jail for it which really made African Americans decide to get the laws changed.
African Americans like Martin Luther King started making public speeches to try to change things. Legislation listened to African Americans and finally decided it’s not fair to discriminate against one race. Legislation also realized they were being unfair and African Americans don’t pose any harm and that they just wanted equal rights. Throughout the years things changed especially after Martin Luther King was shot and killed while giving a speech.
Thanks to legislation we are able to look back in history and see how far we have come and how many laws have been changed. We are no longer slaves to whites and we have equal opportunities. It’s