The Impact Of American Made Vehicles

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Why buy an American made vehicles you ask? I’ll tell you why because buying American made vehicles creates American made jobs. Everyone knows that American made vehicle’s make a distinctive sound. Take for instance the Ford mustang and the Chevy corvette. Who doesn’t like the sound of these vehicles or design? A few things I will discuss about American made manufactures will be the quality they put forth in designing these vehicles, the job security it helps with in America and how American manufactures have now stepped up to the plate with their new innovated designs for the auto industry. Let’s take it a step further J.D. Power & Associates recently released their results of the "2012 dependability survey". This survey
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The auto industry is an integral part of our nation. The Detroit car industry is like the aircraft manufactures both private industries’ play an enormous part on are economic growth.

When you buy that American made vehicle you help America with job security, lower vehicle cost and create innovated technology for other car manufactures to design, just to try and keep up with today’s trends. Listen people American’s have been asking for this for years now the message we have all asked for has been answered. “Make a product that suits the needs of the consumer, and we will buy”. This has been fulfilled by the American auto industry of today. So stop waiting and start buying. Innovated design
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America does make fuel-efficient vehicles. Such as the Chevy volt that gets an estimated 93 to 37 Mpg. Talk about gas miliage people.

Now who would have thought that America could keep up with these innovated fuel designs? Oh, but they have and they are not only building these vehicles to keep up, but also staying on the top of the charts as having some of the top Fuel efficient vehicles. Take the Ford Fusion or maybe the Ford Escape or Chevy Malibu to name a few these vehicles rank among the top in fuel economy