Essay on The Impact Of Immigrants On USA

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The impact of immigrants on USA
Immigration is a very controversial issue in USA. It brings many pros and cons to the economy and society as a whole. The 1990 Immigration Act allows 700,000 to legally immigrate every year. But approximately 12 million illegally immigrate. Republicans usually tend to argue that immigrants cost too much money. According to Federation for American Immigrant Reform, illegal immigrants cost California's education system $7.7 billion each year by caring for children of illegal immigrants. The Federation for American Immigration Reform claims immigrants cost the taxpayer $100 billion each year. Illegal immigrant workers don't get medical benefits so there are thought to contribute 5% of US economy thereby generates revenue for the government. Immigration boosts the US economy. In the US, there are around 7.5 million illegal workers. Businesses would not be able to survive without illegal workers. For example Southern California many agricultural and cleaning businesses would collapse without the cheap manual labor of immigrants as they make up around 13% of labor work force (only 10% of pop.) 50% of immigrants are paid legally.
Also, there is an increase unemployment rate amongst Americans. Immigrants take jobs that Americans don't want to do like cleaning, warehouses and restaurant work and they are often paid less than min wage. Immigrants contribute %130 billion annually (America, in recession, cannot afford to lose this money)
We will also talk about the cultural diversity brought by immigrants across the globe e.g. little Havana in Miami where 98% of residents are Hispanic. Many road signs in California now have Spanish translations too. And an additional job requirement which is to be bilingual has been added. Most often, these immigrants work in jobs that don't require the ability to speak English. However America has always been the land of the immigrants. The American Dream is for everybody who is willing to work hard to achieve it and immigrants usually are always prepared to attain that dream, more than many Americans. Many Americans now speak 2nd language; this could arguably be a good thing.

So we will be focusing on bringing out the pros and cons of the impact of immigrants on the American society; talking mostly about the impact on the economy, education and culture.
The impact of immigrants on the US economy.
According to the EPI’s report, the effect of immigration on employment depends on the economy. If the economy is weak and does not respond well to change, in a short run, an increase in immigration could reduce the number of jobs available to native-born workers, particularly those with lower education levels. At the same time, in a healthy economy, the economic productivity generated by new immigrants could represent a boon to job figures, meaning that these newcomers to the U.S. would improve the employment situation. As it stands now, the U.S. government limits the number of work