The Impact of Obama Lama Ding Dong Essay

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Political power is not the same as true leadership. Few people understand that, as proven by our last election. Ubama knows well how to capture political power: short-term promises and giveaways, "fixes" for made-up or conveniently-chosen problems that will create huge, real problems later (when he's retired to his hillside compound in Hawaii). True leaders leave conditions better than they found them, not worse or in a state of irreparable damage.
Ubama has a close circle of friends and advisors who live in their elitist political bubble. The Dear Leader is fed information that conforms to his existing world view and prejudices-- never anything that challenges or confronts his established beliefs. He has no interest in any opposing viewpoint, or building relationships with people he should have to cooperate with in order to govern effectively. Anyone who disagrees with him is a threat and an enemy worthy of being destroyed. Examples: The Republican-controlled House or Representatives, the NRA, the state of Arizona, industries that fail to support his leftist causes and/or contribute to his campaigns (oil, auto, coal...) Is that a characteristic of a true leader?
Foreign policy has been a disaster. Ubama has a very consistent willingness to denegrate and marginalize our closest allies, and cave in to our greatest threats. The Benghazi disaster is a perfect example. Here we are more than four months after an attack on sovereign US territory (our embassy and consulate), the murder of the American ambassador and his brave security team, weeks of effort to bury the story with lies and false explanations, our Dear Leader has yet to respond to our declared enemy. The Al Qaeda training camps in eastern Libya are still untouched by our Navy, Air Force, and Special Forces. Usama bin Laden was emboldened by Bill Clinton's weakness and lack of resolve after numerous terrorist attacks, which led him to believe he could attack our homeland with an unprecedented stroke, and go unpunished. That attack was 9/11. (He didn't factor in George W. Bush.) What are they planning now after getting away with Benghazi? How many Jihadis are processing in and out of those mass murder training camps? Are true leaders cowards in the face of their enemies?
Which is a principle of true leadership, uniting people behind your cause, or dividing them and fomenting conflict between groups? Ubama's manufactured "War on…