The Impact Of Restaurants

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Unit project 1
The paper I will complete will be focused on the grocery store environment forces that play a part in many restaurants, I will go on to identify different strategies to overcome impacts seize opportunities that may occur from these environmental forces.
A lot of factor can and does contribute to a restaurant success. Bad decision making in a business can cause a train rake leading to a business failure in a very short period of time management must mindful of things that will impact a business so that they may offer their customers good service and prices so they are able to operate.

Definition, analysis of market force on impact of products/service. Many food items are perishable, quality prices can give customers insight in their purchasing when items are bought in larger quantities. However if more items are purchased that it will take a long time to use and they spoil then though business will loss profit.
Description, analysis that can impact products/service in this day and age many have become more health aware. They’re a lot of different diets that are available that have become very popular among Americans and that could greatly hurt a daily restaurants daily operation

For example many diets such ali diet supplements is one of the leading diets that has impact restaurants today, with people changing the way they absorb product such as bread and high salty products. In the world we live in their a lot of different restaurant no matter where you go they are everywhere, there is competition at every corner all restaurants and grocery store