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The Impact Of Sept 11

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center was attacked with two commercial airplanes. The attack destroyed both towers and the collapse of the towers happened a couple of minutes apart from each other. This attack could be considered one of the biggest terrorist attack on this country. We are still living and trying to deal with the effects of this one attack after 10 plus years.
In my life the ways that the event on 9/11 has affected me is during traveling and a little on finances. Before 9/11 traveling has never been a hassle or a problem, but nowadays with the TSA rules and checkpoints it makes flying a little unpleasant. I now have to worry about the items in my carry on luggage or the items I can or cannot bring on a commercial airline now. The checkpoints or inspection points is very depressing because of all the things that has to be done before you can proceed into the boarding gate area. From taking off your shoes, jacket, belt and hat to empting out your pockets and etc, the whole process is very depressing. Even though this process is necessary it’s still a hassle and I wish TSA could come up with a better way of doing this. The services we received from airlines have also drastically changed. The price to fly, the food and drinks served, baggage and change fee’s are just a few examples of the things that I have to think of now when choosing an airline to fly with. The other way 9/11 has affected me is my finances. Ever since 9/11 the price of gas as been on a incline and it has reached record highs all over the country. I am not sure whether this increase is a direct link to 9/11 but I believe so .I now have to budget for gas now every two weeks. It takes my car about $60 bucks a week to fill and that about 120 bucks every two weeks. I remember when gas use to be about $0.60 a gallon and buying gas wasn’t even something to think twice about but nowadays I think about saving as much gas as possible. This aspects has definitely affected me and it’s still something that I deal with on a day to day basis.
The events of 9/11 not only affected me but it also affected the countries economy but also its relations to other countries also.

The economic sector that changed the most is security, insurance, airlines and aviation, and tourism. Since the attack there has been substantial resources that has been geared towards improving our national security. Areas such as homeland security and national defense experienced a lot of increase but the private sector decreased from the effects. The insurance losses due to 9/11 were greater that any other disaster previously recorded. The losses included property (9.6 billion) and business interruptions (11.0 billion). As a result of this expensive losses insurance companies nowadays are very reluctant to provide coverage for future terrorist attacks. The impact it had on the aviation side is that the attack compounded financial troubles that the airline industry was already experiencing and share priced of airlines and airplanes fell drastically after