The Impact Of The RIM Company To Enter The Chinese Market Development And Business Industry

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Assignment part 1, I analyzed RIM the development and performance of the past decade, to study the market environment of the company at the same time draw what factors may influence the course of future development RIM.
This report will analyze the impact of the RIM company to enter the Chinese market development and business environment for him, and at the same time given a RIM market planning.

RIM is a large multinational communications equipment, his products in many areas are already mature market. China is an emerging market, many multinational companies in this market are seen as an important strategic goal, for example, Samsung, Apple.

2006, RIM initial attempt to launch BlackBerry corporate e-mail services for enterprise customers in China, but the last was abandoned due to the network technology and other market factors.(BlackBerry Cool, March 14, 2006, RIM testing China market, Shanghai Daily) In 2008, after China's entry into the WTO, RIM also tried the BlackBerry into the Chinese market, but ultimately did not succeed. In the domestic market, RIM is mainly sold in two forms: 1. Enterprise directly with the Company for business users; 2.Smuggled goods market and sold to the public through a number of channels. RIM in China do not have a separate sales department, not really into the Chinese market

Market Intelligence Report: Why choose to enter the Chinese market
As an emerging market, China has a lot of advantages for development. First of all, China is currently the world's fourth largest information technology (IT) market by spending after the United States, Japan and Germany. As of June 2010, China had 420 million Internet users, 277 million mobile Internet users and 115 million broadband subscribers. China had approximately 823 million mobile phone subscribers as of 2009, consisting of 795 million 2G and 28 million 3G subscribers. Despite being dwarfed by 2G, the 3G service has been growing rapidly since its introduction in January 2009.(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China, Health of the communications industry in June 2010,, Retrieved 10-03-2013). The mobile phone market in the form of the United States and Europe is very stable, and has a large number of competitors. [pic]
(Gregory Lyons, Thu, Jan 31, 2013, 2013 Mobile Market Share [Infographic], Analytics & Insight, Digital Marketing, Featured,Mobile Search,Retrieved 10-03-13).
From the figure above, it can be seen. Most of the mobile operating system market is occupied by Apple iOS and android. Andrews program is not a single phone, such as Samsung. Motorola and HTC are using Andrews system. This proves that the BlackBerry potential development capacity in the Chinese market, the Chinese market is not only for RIM and other communications equipment company is an emerging market with great development potential.
Business environment analysis report: Chinese business environment of RIM
The Chinese market has a lot of commercial environmental factors attracting BlackBerry to enter the Chinese market.
1. Political and Legal
Political and legal environment is stable, the domestic clamp down on black cell phone, rectifying the mobile phone market order to provide favorable environment for the development of mobile phone industry. Te laws and regulations about the mobile Internet, short message and aspects are being improved.(The central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China,, Retrieved 10-03-2013) RIM so in a fair competitive environment , and subject to the protection and support of the law it
2. Economic
Sustained economic development, people's income rapidly increases for the population of china is large, there is a large number of potential customers the Chinese market is relatively open, therefore the market is huge.(Trading Economics website,, Retrieved 10-03-2013)