The Importance Of A Child-Safe Environment

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Faisa Hassan
Professor Sabrie
January 10, 2015
Taking a look at my daycare play area I noticed is a child-safe environment. Harmless, light-weight object are on top and the harder trucks and other heavier toys are placed below. I have five children under the age of three and being a care-giver for school aged children safety is always first priority. As a mother I enjoy watching and seeing small children progress as they begin crawling, rolling over and even walking! My job is to further that process by making it a little less difficult. On another note, something I take pride in is safe cleaning products. I have to admit though, something I try to improve on every day is the cleanliness of the toys. It’s very important to sanitize and I am working on doing that more often. None of the children I provide for take medication and as for my family medication, we lock it out of sight and store it away. Fortunately I was already aware of this indoor plant effect so I do not have any plants inside my home.
Due to the variety of toys that the children are playing with I tend to keep an eagles eye on them so they don’t insert it into their mouths. What I tend to do is pick up after them as soon as I see that they are done playing with the toy, also tell them to play with one at a time. I have a habit of ‘look at the children as if they were mine’, and that plays a big role in my safe environment rules because when you treat them like your own, you care for them like your own. I don’t use air fresheners at all, I likely just crack open a window. I believe nature’s fresh air is my