The Importance Of A Foreign Language

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For many language learners, the main purpose of learning a foreign language is to be able to communicate in that language. Maybe the most important component of the communication is words. As it is said, vocabulary is not merely king, it’s god emperor of the universe. There is also a saying; it doesn’t matter what you say but it does matter how you say it. To verbalize our thoughts in the most effective way, we need a large size of vocabulary. So, we can easily understand how important to have a good size of vocabulary to be able to communicate and to have a better understanding of others. Beside providing a good communication, what other advantages are there having a good size of vocabulary? Are the students whose vocabulary size are bigger than their peers more successful? Do knowing many words affect the students’ success and encouragement to learn more? Will having more vocabulary improve a student’s self-esteem? Do/will the ones who take an active part during a lesson have a larger vocabulary size than their classmates? In this …show more content…
However, in order to progress in a foreign language, students need to be able to persue what they are listening and reading. That is, the information must be understandable with the end goal. It should be helpful and significant to the student and help with obtaining (Krashen, 1982), but in the event that students don't comprehend a huge piece of the vocabulary in the language that they are reading or listening, then this language is not understandable and therefore cannot be useful for acquisition. For listening and reading to be understandable, knowing vocabulary is crucial. The more words a student know, the more s/he understands reading passages, listening texts and the better essays s/he can write. Moreover, knowing many words makes easier to comprehend the grammar and sentence structure. There is no doubt that learning process will be easier if a learner knows a good size of