The Importance Of A New Media Department

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Mitsubishi Motors

1025 Connecticut Ave NW #1000, Washington, DC.


To: Peter Bezankeng, General Manager.
From: xxxx
Title: Challenges, Concerns and new efforts in the company.

I need to oversee the media department and I am responsible for managing client’s buying and all their planning needs. I also place ads in print outlets, and also radio, and Television. I am facing some challenges as a new media director. My staff too is facing couple of challenges. There are also couples of couple security and privacy concerns as well as ethical challenges.

The major challenges for company promotions in the area are the fact that most ads do not reach the major buyers of products. The major ads are placed on local newspapers. Nowadays people barely read the newspapers, and they consider it to be old school. Most clients’ do not have a relationship with the media director or because I am new they might not be that confident to ensure their planning needs in my hands. The staff in the company has to adjust to a new system, and way of working. They also need to be sure I am good for the job, and might also doubt my decisions. The staff is slow, and needs to work efficiently in order for the outputs to be great. There is a need for unity and a spirit of hard work amongst everybody in order for the media section to run perfect, and all of this I do not see in the company now.

I also have some security and privacy concerns in mind. The company needs maximum security and privacy concerns for the media section. The concerns here would be because although the products are in a secure location with security, the workers have little or no security around. At the company, the media director and all the staff have just two guards at the door. This is the same office department were customers frequent the most. Customers get into intense conversations with workers about their planning, and others. Workers need to be secured and not working with any fear. So if the security is actually enforced it would be a better working condition for everybody.

Ethical challenges too are faced in the company. Misrepresentation, disclosures, keeping u with compliance, and single product sales versus overall strategy are the ethical challenges faced. Misrepresentation always occurs while at work. For example one has to know how to talk to an 80 year customer who has an eighth grade differently from an 80 year customer who spent about 20 years in school and went through graduate school. Misrepresentation usually takes place unintentionally, so all workers need to try not to misrepresent. It is the ethical agent's responsibility to honor the trust that a client has put in them and to protect that client. Failure to disclose may not only erode trust with your clients, but it can also lead some potential claims or regulatory action. A solid foundation of compliance is such that it confirms your ethical business practices to the company whose products we all as workers represent, our peers, professional associates, prospects, and clients too. The single product versus the overall strategy comes in