The Importance Of A Student Leader

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"Student leader" is a title given to a small percentage of high school students in Oregon and it is a title that manages to get the respect and admiration of sixth graders. I have had the blessing of going to outdoor school and both have been amazing. Back in sixth grade I went to Outdoor School and it was amazing going back because Outdoor School made sixth grade one of the best years of my life. I vividly remember having the two best student leaders and they are part of the reason why I was so eager to go back. The first time I went, which was the last week of the fall, it was the classic Sunday through Friday system I loved so much. I had woke. Up on a foggy Sunday morning and I was excited to head out, so like always do when I'm nervous or excited, I left earlier than I should've. I waited for the bus to pick me up and four hours we finally left and arrived at Camp Arrah Wanna. At first none of the student leaders talked unless they already knew each other and I was really nervous for the week because I knew that I was going to have to take care up to about none kids and most likely by myself because there were about only six guys, but I tried hiding my nervousness by looking confident and ready to go. The camp itself looked exactly how I left it four years earlier. It was green and so many trees were there that it looked almost like a dream. About an hour and half later the buses arrived with the kids I would be taking care of. While trying to look confident I volunteered to go give a tour to the kids, so I went to greet one of the buses, the one carrying the kids from Saint Agatha. After giving them a "blind" tour of the camp we went to the cabin area where I met the nine kids I would be taking care of for the whole week. I had Anthony, Reily, Stevie, Kohl, Cesar, Felipe, Conor, Bradley, and Trey. After I assigned their bunks we went to go have dinner in the dinning hall where we ate as a cabin for the first time. Later after the student leaders cleaned and the kids had their meetings we went to campfire where we sang songs and some cabins preformed skits. After campfire the first day was over and we went to sleep. On Wednesday, the third day, we ate breakfast like always with the host that picked us to be their guest and the rest of the random group we got to sit with and had our meeting and went to our cabins for cabin time. In cabin time that day we had to think of a skit for campfire because it was our turn to do one. Out skit had to be about the outdoor school staff, we had to squat after every sentence and we had to use the line: "Jabba get up!" I wanted to see what creativity my cabin could think of so I only wrote