The Importance Of Academic Success

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Samuel Bagjett
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Dear Ms. Tobias:

My semester is not going the way I wanted it to go the person I thought was going to help me understand my assignments is not there in my corner as if she’s waiting on me to fail .I have encounter a slow start at academic success I keep trying to apply myself so I can be successful
At college but I find myself often doubting me and my chances. I don’t believe I’ve found a strategy yet that will minimize their effect on my success. My attendances could be better I miss two days so far for the most part I have been on time I do my best to turn in my assignments on time that reminds me I have to do two assignments to overdo I’m going to get right on it I’m alert in class and I participate by answering and asking questions. Maybe I need to take advantage of Motts programs. High school you’re trying to fit in or stand out, college is about getting a higher education for a career. I believe I’m falling behind because of my situation I’m dealing with on a daily basis I’m stressing.

My writing is better sense I’ve been in college most of all I love to write it’s a relief to free my thought’s threw the pencil and escape from my problems for that moment. I think my writing can paint a picture but my writing isn’t where it should be, the reason why? Is I never been a good writer. The good experiences are being able escape and being understood plus my writing, spelling is getting better. Bad experience is not spelling words right or failing the assignment. Spelling, punciation would be my weakness; I don’t see any strength in my writing yet. I