The Importance Of Alternative Sources Of Energy

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There is a major debate reflecting the modern world’s endless need for the earth’s natural resources of energy. The continuation of humans depleting such natural resources that cannot be reproduced or restored has raised a call for action, due to the belief that one day the world will be depleted of all such resources along with a strong reflection of the extreme amount of damage that using the natural resources has caused on the environment. The controversial debate on how to continue to meet the energy needs in the United States is still standing. Some individuals believe that the country needs to take action and invest in alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar power forms of energy, while the other side strongly debates that investing in new renewable power sources is too costly arguing that the united states should dig and search for oil in the Gulf Coast, Alaska and other unexplored areas of the country before heavily investing in the renewable energy methods. My personal opinion reflecting the energy debate sides with the notion that the Unites States should be investing in alternative sources of energy. While I understand that the cost is extremely high to consider, my rationale reflects similar to any other major financial investment thought process. It is important to consider the long term outcome with investments and rationalize what will benefit the world not only for our generations here on this earth presently but also considering the ones to follow. Alternative forms of energy such as solar panels and wind power will help to preserve the earth by reducing the amount of pollution. Dramatically reducing the overall population’s carbon foot print which continues to negatively affect the earth in numerous ways. I feel that continuing to search the land for energy resources is counter active as eventually those resources will run out as well. With the technology and knowledge available today we should be doing everything in our power to protect and preserve the earth and its resources. It is important to think of renewable energy as a long term investment for the future and healthy wellbeing of the planet and for future generations. We must be aware that what the earth’s resources are not able to be replenished and will run out. Continuing to dig and burn off the natural resources the earth holds will continue to deteriorate the earth. It is important we resort to a more comprehensive and permanent self sustaining solution that for once focuses on protecting the earth rather than consciously destroying the planet we call home. Unquestionably my personal opinion relating to renewable energy encompasses perceptual blocks. Blocks that present obstacle which hinders me from being able to clearly perceive the problem and hinder my thinking when looking at the opposing view or in defending my own personal view. Undeniably one of my perceptual blocks would be resistance to change. Resistance to change hinders my thinking as it results in me rejecting new ideas. Resistance to change disables me from being able to examine all side of the situation and as a result creates a bias and unjust thought process. Consequently another perceptual block facing this subject relates to stereotyping. Stereotyping hinders my ability to think in an honest and non judgmental manner. Stereotyping the opposing side and relating their reasoning to