The Importance Of Applying To Molloy College

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In modern day today we live in a world where competiveness is our only option in order to fulfill our pursuit of happiness. In order to achieve my goals in life outside of a career goal I strongly believe Molloy College will not only strengthen me as an individual but it will help me with my daily task of survival in the real world from the knowledge that I will acquire from Molloy.

Upon my decision of applying to a college closer to home I struggled on what will lead to my pursuit of happiness. As a transfer student whom once majored in biology what has lead to my strong decision of applying to Molloy College was not only would I feel close to home but also with such a highly qualified nursing program I knew that the only college that would
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Another reason I am applying to Molloy College is because of the financial burden and high tuition that I have acquired from previous college. Therefore I hope to gain an even better education from Molloy College as well as achieving my degree in nursing. With completing a year of Biology at my previous college I have learned to always do things that you love and it will make you happy instead of pursuing other peoples dreams in what they desire you to be. In order to achieve my dreams and what I aspire to be I know that starting on a fresh path and doing what my heart desires attending Molloy College pursing to be a nurse will not only motivate me to be a better individual than I ever have been. This will also show all those who have once doubted me as an individual with no self worth it open their eyes to see that I am an individual who has worth and everything that I have said that I will become I will do because in the end I have the final say to blossom into and individual whom they may have never seen me to