The Importance Of Art

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Who are you? This is a question that everyone strives to answer through the journey of life. I do not feel that the answer is ever found but that it is constantly changing and developing. By being surrounded by different cultures and different environments and different people, it can be hard to find oneself with all of the world’s “distractions”. As people we are constantly moving and changing and adapting and at times, it’s impossible to cope with this world. Which is why I believe that to cope with this world, sometimes we must remove ourselves from it. For example, I love the arts. Whether I am scrapbooking or drawing or singing - this is how I release emotions or relax or just spend time in my own world.

Of all of the topics in humanities, there are many different modes of expression, varying from the art of painting to sculpting, from dance to music, from theatre to poetry. There’s just so many to choose from, it’s impossible to choose just one mode of expression that would fit every humans lifestyle. So the best answer that I can give would be that we use art to cope with the world. Art is something that is all around us, whether one sees art in clothing or on a canvas, in the sky or in a building - art is a part of who we are as a human race.

This world is rough place to live in sometimes but something that has been constant through the ages is art. Whether it is art of motion or art of sound, we use these styles to express feelings and thoughts and ideas.