The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

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The important and the not able to create is the intelligence of man. If a child hear anything the data can be stored in the cells of its brain. This can increase from his childhood till his death. So it store a lot of data during his life period. For example if he saw a man in his childhood and later on he saw him a after 20 years back he recognize the person that he already met him in his childhood. If the person is just look as the same age after 20 years he find that it was his son. So the data which could be stored can analyzed by the brain with the years passed. This can be defined as intelligence. But it is possible that a machine can determine this? If we design a machine with something like this, then it is called as artificial intelligence. …show more content…
At first man think to make machine to help with him. So he used it for data storage and some simple mathematical calculations. But now he want to limit the human resources. So that he wanted to make a machine with the same intelligence as human. But a creator is always in the highest level than his creation. So he was not able to make machines just like human intelligence. Man make machines with some of the qualities as human and he programmed machines with artificial intelligence. The term “ Artificial Intelligence” was created by John McCrathy, professor of
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After a long gape of ten years till 1966 it was only in the theoretical level.
At very first it was used to prove practically by mathematical theorems. After some programs, it is improved to do practically to take some conclusions in the base of knowledge. This was proved by the program “ Sad Sam”. It means John and Joel are brothers. Mary is the mother of John. Then it can automatically connect that Joel’s mother name is Mary.

Another program designed with artificial intelligence is ELIZA, which was developed in 1967 by
Joseph Weizenbaum . It response as a therapist to
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They are

• modes of transports : air transport, road transport, railways and water transport.
• Control traffic with human like intelligence .
• Design the logistics management and operations
• Design freight transport
• The policy of transport
• The designing of how to manage the department.
• Environmental issues such as the path in the land. Some place are near by the river and some places are hill station. The calculation of fuel in such a places and fixing the road prices with the factor of expenses to form the road and usage.
• Safety purposes in the ways. Intimation if there is any block in the roads. Keeping boards, maintaining the cleanliness.
• Apply new technologies in the transport
• Calculate where to make the- pedestrian path and crowd modeling
• Self driving monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence in Toys and Games:

The main thing in the base of AI is very helpful in the research of the field.A game environment can be either static or dynamic, Designed based on single player or two-player or multiplayers. We tell the games of racing a car, shooting game are designed with artificial