The Importance Of Bali Culture

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The religion aspect of Bali culture is essentially a different form of Hinduism where many rituals and beliefs of gods and demons exist very much in their life. Though there is a social class that exists, it’s not stressed in their religion only because everyone is seen more equal and united before the gods. Though the rituals in Bali are very dramatic and public within their society, it’s also true that they worship the gods for the entire world; human population because of the significant events that’s occurred on their land. Within their rituals to thank the gods, ceremonies happen often including extensive decoration, music, dance, and offerings. It is also very common for gods to take over people where they may go in a trance, which then require either exorcisms or just a new life journey that the gods command them to do.

Their social customs revolve with religion very much because it’s all about the behavior and how people present themselves. There are temples that tie families into different sections and each temple would have a specific function that eventually correlates with the rest of the temples. Each temple has a priest as well that is chosen by heredity, election, or trance and anyone called to be a priest must obey this. To be a part of a temple group is exclusive but easy to be part of one through a dream or trance and is responsible for its’ rituals to maintain and please the gods or demons.

As a part of these temples, the responsibility to make the ritual with art and beauty is a total different skill to have. It’s common for many different types of art to be a part of rituals, including instruments. The Balinese believe that art is all about the mentality and the art of doing so is a strong performance. As different arts come to life in these rituals, it unites as one big ceremony, which is very crucial. These rituals cause emotional attachment as well because every step has to be perfect in order to be “correct”. There are many categories within the social order for example, nature, human nature, and the supernatural so it’s important to have done each ritual perfectly because they’re so different and specific. The main purpose of these temples are to hold these ceremonies and as each small ritual connects to each other, it’ becomes universal at the end which is the most important goal.

The Balinese are also different for the different emotions for different life events that happen to everyone in the world. In a Western custom, for losing someone they love, it’s hard to