The Importance Of Beauty In The Media

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Before discussing the researched paper, we should obligatory mention that beauty should be treated like an individual, personal notion, but in no way like a common example to which all mankind should silently and obediently follow. A person is a deep, enigmatic and inexhaustible universe. It does not mean that beauty standards should be beyond our attention. They must be taken partly and without any harm for the heal. According to the research conducted by Stephen and Perera, the health was on the second place among the participants, and the first one was occupied by beauty. Modern media is a powerful tool, which influence the psychology of people, and a great source of information. The impact of media is causing a change
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And what is more interesting, when participants were asked "Do you believe a great source of the pressure is social media sites such as Snapchat or Instagram",39 % of young women agreed to it. It is very important for women to look nice. Psychologist differentiate two types of appearance perception: normal and pathological. On considering the first type we speak about partial and realistic position. The pathological type is characterized by a constant dissatisfaction with an outlook. Sometimes people relate their unlucky situations with bad and maybe poor appearance. If a person has such symptoms, it goes about addiction to the appearance and beauty standards. On the one line with anorexia, we have one more similar disease, which is called dismorphobia. According to the research, its roots lie in mass media. If a person is constantly watching at beautiful women and handsome men in media, who by the way are so superb with the help of make-up makers and cosmetics, he or she begin to complex about own outlook. On statistic, women having this disease become outsiders, avoid communication and are in troubles on their working places. Approximately people spend 3-5 hours per day in surfing on social sites, and it means the massive influence of media on people. In this case we can speak about a form of …show more content…
There can be no statistical and exact definition for the mass mediaas they are increasing all the time. But any form of communication which is seen and understood large mass of people can be taken to mean mass communication or media. As we can see during the research, it holds a large share of importance in our society. We have also found out, that a large number of people are not undergo the mass media effect. 44,4% of participants agreed the statement "I feel that I have a number of good qualities" and are satisfied with themselves, and also and 16.3 % are sure they are worth of good attention . In this case we can judge that people have no side complexes and even are proud of themselves. The very interesting tendency was about this statement-
"All members of the opposite sex want a mate, who has a perfect, thin body "- 35,2 % of women agreed to it, and the same number 35,2 %-disagreed to it Here we can see that in question about personal relations, some people evaluate the appearance and the other half of them the personal features. . So, our purpose to investigate the direct effect between media, body image and self esteem was achieved and presented above in detail