The Importance Of Business Communication

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This course is highly vital for my career choice. I have chosen the major of a B.S. in Accounting. Having a good insight on correct business communication is exactly what I need to have a successful career in this field. If I do not know how to properly communicate with my coworkers and the general public, then my position as an accountant will not be as efficient. When someone presents himself or herself as professional they convey a better image of themselves. The business world will take me much more seriously. I will be able to communicate more effectively having taken this course. As an accountant I will need to be able to professionally communicate with not only the general public but also my coworkers. My plan is to own my own firm, therefore, I will need to know how to communicate with all types of cultures. Taking the knowledge I have learned in this course, I feel that I will more effectively be able to communicate in the workplace. This course is a reminder that we must talk to different people in the appropriate ways, and by no means abuse our power in the workplace. Abusing power could cause employees and fellow coworkers to become less motivated and their work ethic to decline. Knowing how to properly communicate with different individuals is vital. I am thankful that the University placed this course in my curriculum. Unfortunately, I have had a few setbacks due to an accident I experienced last week. Not only has this course taught me the