The Importance Of Communication In Education

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Do you think that just because you're a new teacher, you can't create meaningful change in your classroom? Alfie Kohn begs to differ. (2013). Educational Horizons, 91(4), 21-23.

This was an interview of Alfie Kohn who was talking about school and what needs to change in the school system. He talked about technology and how it impacts the classroom, he also talked about making a change in the classroom. Alfie Kohn is a gentleman who is very educated and this article was very interesting and provided insightful information on Alfie Kohn’s believe on the school system. As a future teacher this article was very beneficial and after reading this article I would not mind reading more books and article by Alfie Kohn.

Ebrahim, A.
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It stated it extrinsically motivates students because students know their parents will communicate with the teacher. When reading different resources I thought this article was beneficial because it talked about how communication with parents can affect motivation and as teachers this is something that needs to be considered. This is an article I will use in the future.

Lai, H., Chou, W., Miao, N., Wu, Y., Lee, P., & Jwo, J. (2015). A comparison of actual and pre ferred classroom environments as perceived by middle school students. Journal of School Health, 85(6), 388-397. doi:10.1111/josh.12263

The importance of classroom environment was the focus on this article. It talked about how the classroom environment can encourage learning and create motivation. The layout of the classroom is crucial because it creates the foundation to how the class flows and teachers need to consider this when design and creating the layout of the room. This resource was very beneficial because it talked about how the classroom environment affects students motivation, behavior and success in the classroom.

Landrum, T. J., Scott, T. M., & Lingo, A. S. (2011). Classroom misbehavior is predictable and preventable. The Phi Delta Kappan, 93(2), 30-34.