The Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.
CSR is a idea with many definition and practices. The way it is understand and implement differs greatly for each company and country. Moreover, CSR is a very broad concept that address many and a variety of topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, working conditions and contribution to economic development. Whatever the definition is, the purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability.

Although some companies may attain remarkable efforts with unique CSR initiatives,
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While consumers may rely on companies for goods and services, the level of opposition allows consumers to choose based on excellent an organization is doing outside of the workplace and how they are positively impacting their community. This helps in creating a brand image and good will for the company. It’s sort of free adverting for companies which help in increasing profits and makes efforts to provide better product to the end users.

Norwegian Cruise Line;
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. is an American-Bermudian company operating cruise ships began operations in 1966 under the name Norwegian Caribbean Line. It is known for its Freestyle Cruising concept, which meant that there were no set times or places arrangements for meals, nor is formal attire required. Today Norwegian Cruise Line controls approximately 8% of the total worldwide share of the cruise. Norwegian Cruise Line has defined their Corporate Social responsibilities as the 3 major pillars which is included in their vision and mission which are
1) Environment
2) Social
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