The Importance Of Creativity In Education

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The American educational system has long highlight the importance of standardized scores in evaluating how students learn from school. The article reports about the declining creativity scores of American students. It provides different explanation behind the trend. One of the possible reason behind this decline is the hours spent on playing video games and watching TV. Students who frequently watch television may develop a passive approach to learning since it information and stimulus is given through the screen. Children does not have enough interaction to ask question and even pause to absorb those information as television continuously air different types of entertainment and advertisement. They are continuously bombarded with audio-visual stimulation that may overload their perception. This process can affect their learning in a negative way since they have become partly dependent on audio-visual learning.
In order to concentrate on promoting creative thinking inside the classroom, a problem-based learning approach seems to provide student with the opportunity to practice divergent and
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By equipping them with proper ways in using a combination of divergent and convergent thinking, they can easily provide solution to problems that may arise in the coming decades. Changes in different industry might occur in a faster rate especially in terms of innovation in technology. This could develop existing industries or even cause the extinction of some. In this instance, our students need to face this reality in the future as they integrate with the society. Teaching information becomes obsolete as updates are regularly given to then, thus making the habit of rote memory minimal in class discussion. Students that can develop creativity may have higher chance of adapting to the changing world which would assure them with