The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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For my critical thinking and problem solving [CoLL148] class, I was deviated from my path, had to solely focus on being a mother and with no internet access to be able to complete and log on to course work in a timely manner. The sole problem that I need to work on, is being persistent logging on. The exact same reason for my unsuccessful work in [HiT111]. I was doing amazing in the class, yet fell off the map due to an unstable living environment. I now have a set work schedule, off on Sunday and Monday. Paving out a schedule for me to be successful. Sunday and Monday will be my days to tackle the discussion post, reading, grasping the weekly overview. During the week, Tuesday through Saturday, when I am off at 4 PM, will be my time to respond …show more content…
If I have any questions on the readings I will set up a time for a tutor Monday's at 12 PM. Tuesday Thursday and Friday I am off of work at 4 PM and will be logging on as soon as I get home around 4:45 PM on those days I will be tackling the discussions and responding to classmates as well as professor postings. I will log onto the student portal Sunday through Saturday to read the posts and take notes in my class-specific journal. I will be taking full advantage of the online tutor source since there is no way to get to a DeVry campus nearby. I do have a local library 3 minutes from my apartment and when I am off at 4:45 PM Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday Spending 3 hours there just completing assignments and responding to discussions. Saturday, I am at work until 5 PM. When I am off I will get home around 5:45 PM logging on to the student portal and making sure that all of my assignments are submitted. Review my notes and begin taking the tests if necessary. The student portal and taking advantage of the tutoring services will be my greatest tool and the key to completing these courses and future course