The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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An innovative leader must be able to effectively evaluate an argument, an article, a research study, and other types of writing and thinking. To do so requires critical thinking and analysis skills. As you progress through this program of study, you will be expected to avoid responses that are based solely on your personal opinions, feelings, and beliefs—these are subjective responses utilizing egocentric thinking. You will be challenged not to accept the statements of others at face value, which is indicative of non-evaluative investigation.
This course of study, according to this discussion post, will be a time when nothing is taken at face value, and to think, write and read, all critically, will be the norm, always. In so doing, once the course is over, this author sees that this way of thinking should become as everyday thinking. So, while thinking at face value will be no more during the course, everything is to be questioned, and therefore critical thinking will take the place of face value . In order to be an effective educational leader or manager, a person has to think, read and write, critically at all times, and this learner looks forward to embarking on this new way of thinking, studying, and getting alone with others as well (Elder, Linda and Pau, Richard, 2008).
The action research that is planned by this learner was started while doing an integrated project for the master’s degree in Educational Psychology that was just completed. Educational