The Importance of Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking and ethics go hand in hand; like ying and yang. Critical thinking is the process in which you evaluate to make a clear and rational decision. Ethics is moral values that determine a person's behavior. Critical thinking creates a intellectual process of assessment which helps to determine their ethical values. There are six paths of critical thinking. Step one is remembering. The fundamental level of securing of information obliges that you have the capacity to distinguish what is being said: the theme, the issue, the proposition, and the primary focuses. Step two is understanding. In understanding, you make the new information that you have obtained your own particular by relating it to what you know. The better you are included with the data, the better you will grasp it. As usual, the essential test of whether you have fathomed something is whether you can put what you have examined or heard into your own words. Step three is applying. Applying requires that you realize what you have read, seen or heard, that you grasp it, and that you do some assignment to apply what you have learned to a real circumstance. Step four is analyzing. Analyzing includes breaking what you read or hear into parts, with a specific end goal to make clear how the thoughts are related, or associated with different ideas. Step five is evaluating. Evaluation happens once you have comprehended and examined what is said or composed and the reasons offered to support it. Step six is creating. Creating is when you put your decision into action; trusting your instincts. The fulfillment of these steps will guarantee you are settling on the best choice in any circumstance including moral choice.
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