The Importance Of Critical Thinking In College

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Every individual has a response when it comes to hearing the term, “critical thinking”. Usually, critical thinking has a negative connotation, but when used in a correct manner, it can give an insight of opinions formed by nearly everyone and can create a positive outcome. The speaker, Dr. David Vanden Bout, wanted the audience to realize that becoming a critical thinker in college is important to “know what you don’t know”. In other words, the speaker wants to encourage the students in the audience to decide what our limits are when it comes to studying or homework and apply yourself to become a critical thinker.

Dr. David Vanden Bout demonstrated why it is crucial to gain an understanding of the subjects or ideas in college that you don’t fully comprehend by sharing his experiences as a college student. His younger self failed multiple tests but didn’t let the failure discourage him. Instead, he challenged himself and resulted in him obtaining higher grades and minimized the amount of mistakes he made. He used this as an example in order for students to understand that failing does not mean to give up, instead, it is to use failure as a way to
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In college, all students will have to obtain an analysis of an issue in order to have an opinion. These opinions will be expressed throughout college, whether it is through verbal communication or writing. Dr. David Vanden Bout did a great job on clarifying that critical thinking isn’t about getting a right solution, but creating a better one by obtaining knowledge and discovering what your limits are. College is the perfect place to become a critical thinker since there is a pool of diversity in ideas and beliefs. Freshman year is also a time to question everything and enhance your knowledge on subjects you know little about. The speaker is correct on his main message of “know what you don’t know” and elaborated the idea throughout stories and